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~Friends only~

~~Kimi "The ICEMAN" Raikkonen~~

Formula One World Championship career

Active years 2001–2009
Teams Sauber, McLaren, Ferrari
Races 157 (156 starts)
Championships 1 (2007)
Wins 18
Podiums 62
Career points 579
Pole positions 16
Fastest laps 35

First race 2001 Australian Grand Prix
First win 2003 Malaysian Grand Prix
Last win 2009 Belgian Grand Prix
Last race 2009 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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Kimi's classic comments

They're for the lulz tbh. To sum it all up Kimi: "I dont care"

Well, he's notorious for this qoutes.XD
Montoya´s success in Nascar - I don´t care.

How do you think these tyre´s will fit in your driving style? - I don´t know and it doesn´t matter. They are what they are.

What advices can you give to first timers, Nico Rosberg and Scott Speed? - I hope they yield well.
How the WDC is gonna change your life? - I have had a lot´s of *** No swearing*** onto me, now i think there´s gonna come even more.

What is Schumi´s Role on Ferrari? - He doesn´t come to tell us (drivers) anything. And i don´t need his advices.

Montoya´s point situation - If he believes in it, he can believe. I don´t care what happens behind me.

Did you see Pele giving trophy to Schumacher? - No I was having a sh1t!

What do you think what´s gonna happen in tomorrows race? - What do you think what´s gonna happen?

(Italian Reporter) Kimi can you say a few words Italy? - No. You can say if you want.

(Finnish tabloid reporter) What have you done on your holiday in Finland? - I think you can read it from your yesterdays magazine.

(Tag Heuers boss in Promotion ceremony) Kimi, what makes Tag Heuer so unique? - It´s ok.
**Srsly?! Kimi svckz PR wise.lmao!

What kind of place is the 5. grid to start a race? - It´s 5. grid.

What do you think how is the atmosphere in McLaren now? (In middle of a spygate) - I think its *** No swearing *** good.

Austria GP 2002: I haven´t watch it afterwards. I dont care what Ferrari did.
France GP 2002: *** No swearing*** race.
Hungary 2007: Boring

Montoya´s tennis accident: We dont call each others and i dont care what he does.

Weather conditions: I don´t care does it rain or not.

Alonso trying to play mind games with him in 2005: I could not care less what that guy thinks.

Season preview 2006: I don´t care what´s gonna happen. We´ll see.

On Ron Dennis: He is a control freak. He want´s to know everything from everything. I don´t care for his doing.

Finnish independence party: Someone else can dance with her. (Jenni)

Ferrari party: These Ferrari´s own party are the nicest. I don´t know exatly what i´m gonna do there. Maybe i am Santa Claus.

- The constructions title doesn´t mean quite much to me.
- I don´t care what Jackie says. It has nothing to do with me.
- Coulthard can speak what he want´s. I don´t care about his speeches.
- I really don´t care what Trulli says.
- Montoya´s speeches doesn´t have anything to do about me.
- Driving is the only thing that I love in F1.
- My life would have been so much easier with the guys in the 70´s. I was born in the wrong era.
- F1 circuit without reporters is a paradise.
- Others can sit in the simulators if they want. I´m here to drive.
- I don´t care what people thinks about me. I´m not Michael Schumacher.

**Its not that you could really blame him. The questions were stupid sometimes. The Tag Heuer comment was really FTW! That comment was long time ago anyway, he's changed recently.He loves the watch and he has some series collection from F1Kirium series to Monza and Monaco classic.<333

I really cracked up when he told the reporter that they could read the answer on their very own magazine. yeah~ he's right! Why still asked?XDDD

Ammonite Live in Taiwan

Well, I spent 3 hrs writing a decent fanaccount but it disappeared. My laptop froze, I copied it but when I tried to paste, nothing came out . Whatever.... not going to do it again.

Set List: June 11/Saturday (The Wall Taipei~ basement)
1. Thirteenth Friday
2. Moonlight
3. Melt
4. Fujunbutsu

5. I love you so
6. Setsugekka
7. Aria
8. Harusaki Sentimental
9. taikutsu Machine

12.mirai iro
16.Blue Back

Makka na Ito


**highlighted = my fave performances, you can tell pretty much all of it. Saturday live was the best. Special mention of AngelDust, bcoz this was one of the oldest Pura song. It's not something you'd expect them to play. 

**13th Friday, bcoz it was dreamy/dark w/ all those projector artsy/beautiful images and lights. I was basically entranced/mesmerized adding by the fact that it was the 1st song from Pura I heard live. The 1st song when I 1st saw Tarou....looking ethereal .This song will forever reminds me of that moment.  

Setlist: June 12/Sunday (The Wall Kaohsiung~outdoor)
I dont remember at all~ It kickstarted w/ 13th Friday, followed by Moonlight and pretty much the Ammonite tracklistings w/ the inclusion of Replay and Melancholic.  Melt was played on Encore together w/ Makka na Ito, Spooky, Mayday.

**Highlights were Melancholic under the heavy rain and Tarou's MC during the Encore.

**Blue Back needs more lovin'.  The live version blew me away.   It simply started slow, Tarou's vocals was simply harmonising w/ the instruments, you get that w/ speakers being really close.xD  Then the harmonics kept building up after each pauses, Kenken was simply amazing during this part. Tarou's vocals was fading in and out.....then it kinda exploded w/ Tarou's scream blending w/ the whole thing.  I stood up on a bench beside to see an overview of how the band played this. I was particularly awed by Kenken, it was intense.  ^____^

After Duet, Tarou went backstage. The trio had a jamming while waiting for his comeback.
It wasn't easy to take this pic no matter how crappy this might had been. 

Goods~  Ammonite shirt was sold out, too bad. Should have bought it on the 11th.

Ammonite Live House Tour photobook

I got mine during their Ammonite Live in Taipei/Kaohsiung.^_^
Not the best scans,its hard to scan the book w/o tearing some pages. I kinda left out some 8 pages, 1 page was like Akira/Tadashi/Kenken were standing and Tarou was sitting like a boss beside.







Plastic Tree Ammonite Live

I wouldnt write anything much for now, I need to pack my things for my flight back to SGP tonight.Its 5 am now .

Day 1(The Wall~ Taipei)
1 .Pura rockz!
2. Ryuutarou is one of the most entrancing/mesmerizing person i've ever seen in my whole damn life! He's BEAUTIFUL!! There's no way this guy is 38 yrs old. He has a small face, he's slim, he has a very nice fair skin~ He looks like 22-23 IMO.XDDD And I did touch the tip of his fingers after their last song on the 2nd encore when they're already saying theirt goodbyes and got closer to the fans infront. It was pandemonium w/ everyone pushing and shoving and basically squeezing each other.  I think a lot of fans on the right/left got handshakes from Akira/Tadashi. Kenken is really small in stature but he's very cute!

3.Melt, Melancholic, Bambi, Duet, Blue Back,Mayday, Setsugekka, Replay <333  

Day 2 (The Wall~ Kaohsiung)
They simply rockz and Ryuutarou's phail when he was treated w/ silence during a part of his MC was sooooooo adorable!! He stole Tadashi's time to talk, so he paid for it.^_^

Srsly, I svck at setlist so I dont think I remember the order of the song except that Fujunbutsu wasnt played on Day 2. Both lives started w/ 13th Friday and Moonlight, then it changed from there.  

well...just for now...Im so tired! I missed the last train to Taipei bcoz I was one of the fan who waited for Pura to board their vans going to their hotel(?) after the live in Kaohsiung. Imagine that esp. that Im alone and didnt know anything at all about the place.lolz!~ Glad and thankful to the young couple who helped me get into Taipei.^^

JYJ showcase in Singapore

Im not particularly confident in writing a Fanaccount bcoz I say the wrong things/opinions at the wrong time more often than NOT.    

This is a  bit  of a JaeSu biased fanaccount and I just realised  during the showcase that its a  tough thing equally loving both so much more than the others. I remember Chunnie ofcourse  but my eyes were darting back and forth towards JaeSu the whole time.        

Airport Arrival:
The 1st time I laid my eyes on Jaejoong upclose. I knew I had limited time so I decided to focus on Jae bcoz I already saw Junsu last time. What can I say? He's one of the most beautiful creature that ever graced planet earth if not the most~ but this is the biased me talking.One thing for sure though is he's really goodlooking and fair~  very nice skin. Jae didnt give me the impression that he's sexy/HOT...In my eyes he's ethereal and cool. He looks like an angel on earth.

-- Camera wasnt allowed, guess some fans managed  their way to get some fancams/pics/audios. I didnt dare bcoz security kept going to and from beside me. Gate should be opened around 6:30PM but for some reason it opened 8+ and showcase started 9+.

--My seating was at Block A4, Row 6,  Seat 15 ~ (just behind the 4 rows of VIP's) . I could see JYJ clearly w/c probably made me focused on the showcase more than try  to steal some pics if the security wasnt looking.

-- The moment they appeared on stage, my eyes tried to find Jae but ended up w/ Junsu. You could blame it to their outfit.lol~ I already read a lot of fans complaining about Su's outfit  but none would really change my opinion otherwise. He looked awesome w/ his white halter top PERIOD!!! He was totally rockin' it w/ his slick grooves and moves plus his well toned arms/biceps and that sexy  butt back. Nobody could pull it out the way Junsu did while pic/videos didnt give him justice. Jae looked like an angel performing onstage ~ I dont understand when some fans said he's sad. I mean yeah(ofcourse!) but during performances? He had the fierce looks while performing Empty , maybe its the sparkle in  his eyes bcoz of the lights. Told 'ya he's glowing but Junsu kept stealing my attention. Chun was slim and pretty~ the trio all looked slim though despite JaeSu's muscles in most of their  pics.  

-- They sang 3 songs at the start ~ Empty , Be the One and Be my Girl wearing that white outfit.  All groovy tracks esp. the dance part of Be the One,its kinda intense. Their vocals werent perfect  but I didnt see them wearing any ear monitor at all. All 3 performances were awesome ~ its just their energy/charisma onstage made up for any imperfections they had.  I was so looking forward to hear Jae live, its ironic  how I didnt care much in the end. I should be ranting but I didnt feel even a bit of disappointment. He had some pitch off at some point, Junsu's voice was  powerful eventhough it was raspier than usual and Chun's voice was fine like the usual Chun. Junsu pwnz dancing wise~ I could see Jae's tattoo at some point. <333 

-- The MC parts~ dont want to elaborate this much about him babbling things onstage while the trio changed for their outfits.

--I already forgot w/c happened 1st ~their interview, the video clip of them in LA during the recording of the album or the video clip of their dreams and goals.

--Going 1st on the interview part:
Chunnie was wearing the batlike top he's wearing on their pics from the album. Jae looked so cool in leather jacket. Junsu should have wear that red top from their Seoul showcase instead of that shirt w/ vest.   

Chunnie spoke english the whole time, I still think he sounds like a drunk Yoshiki although very cute. He probably has the sweetest smile. I actually wonder if Jae and Junsu dint really understand english? Maybe they could but they couldnt speak  or construct a sentence for an answer instantly?  Jae said "Hi, how are you , Im JJ"~ for his greetings.  He's just too cute!!!  The crowd went bonkers!!! I was screaming Jejung at the top of my lungs. Jae didnt want to answer the question much, he's mostly passing it to Junsu thats why some fans including me were screaming Jejung so the MC would ask it on him. The MC even cut Jae  at one point(wtf was w/ that dude~ Jae was still speaking but he turned the question towards Chun). It was funny when the MC asked all the fans from different countries!! Everyone was screaming eventhough it wasnt theirs~ France? Spain?  w/c prompted Jae to yell 'Korea!!!!' then everybody went  screaming. ROFL!!!!  Then the usual questions of working w/ Kanye and Rodney Jerkins etcs... Then the  question about dancing w/c put Junsu on the spot!  He did that sexy bits of Be my Girl hip waves while JaeChun  were singing.^^   Question about their ideal girl ~ guess Jae was tired of answering this question over and over again. Could they change it sometimes? Should have asked whats their favourite track from the album. Any inspirations from their solos and shit!   Then another question of who cry easily. Everyone was pointing at Chun(he's denying it~XD) but I was screaming Jejung(he's the recent crybaby of the trio 'ya know~XDDD).   Then the Ayyy Girl part~ fans singing the chorus for JYJ w/c  failed and the part when JYJ sang w/ the fans w/c also a failure.I really dont think Junsu meant it when he said 'very good' and 'wonderful'~XD  Majority didnt know the lyrics at all. Chunnie came up w/ some  cheeky  comments. Then the MC asked us about Chun's character in SKKS~ who doesnt know Lee Sun Joon eh? (eventhough  Im inlove w/ Moon Jae Shin <3)

-- Chajatta~ Jae was more energetic this time than Su and Chun.  It was a fun song and fans were singing w/ them at some point. I am actually.^^

--  The video clip of their dreams and goals. I forgot the 1st line but its something about their dreams and they want it to share w/ us. Im just writing  things I remember  and correct me if Im wrong bcoz Im just paraphrasing their words.

Junsu: ......... I forgot his words but I remember the essence of it: he wanted to continue singing, he wanted to continue the road they're taking right now.......

Jae:  He wanted to continue singing w/ the members. He knew he wouldnt be a singer all his life so he started thinking of doing something else ...... (these words hit my heart so I forgot what he said next~XD)

Chun:  I wouldnt write what Chun said, some sensitive butthurts might turn on him again.XDD~

-- Ayyy Girl~ I remember Jae went to our side and I was really tempted to use my camera.  Like he's performing 7 metres away . I dont particularly remember what perf Chunnie unintentionally  exposed his shoulder but I saw it. This sounds really better live~ their vocals and their moves were awesome.

-- Then their last words.....  Thanking the fans and Chun said it was short and they might comeback for a concert next year. He ended it w/ Always Keep the Faith.

-- They asked fans to stand up and its Empty Remix.  The whole  front crowd turned into a moshpit and the security didnt know what to do at all.lol~ I grabbed my things and ran infront of the VIP seats~ its  mayhem already so why not make the most out of it?!  This performance rockz!!! Probably my fave track from the album ~ its simply energetic and the whole vibe of the live was  party party party!!!  It was a  fantastic atmopshere in the end. Junsu was  jumping/bouncing to the music onstage infront of me as well as Chun like 3 metres away. argh! Jae was on the  left side of the stage~  Fans were bouncing w/ the trio w/  lightstick  inhand. There were some fanboys at the VIP~ so lucky!! Its amazing just singing w/ them : "Why cant you let it go, let it go let it go let it go, Girl  bcoz your heart is empty.... " 

**Overall ,Its just simply an awesome showcase. I kinda lost my voice bcoz of screaming  and my arms a bit sore bcoz of lightstick waving, but Im really  happy to finally watched them live.

MatsuKen + JJY

I just finished watching Kaiji (they said Death Note casts being reunited).Tatsuya Fujiwara's acting  was OTT ~ srsly his acting here svck big time! Its like robotic and controlled or whatever. meh..... I watch this bcoz of Matsuyama Ken'ichi. I couldnt believe they just killed him off like that as in WTF?! He was class apart acting wise despite his small supporting role. When he isnt anyway.XP~
I probably watched all his movies and drama since after Death Note and he's amazing IMO~
Very versatile and talented actor at his age. He could simply nail any character. He also doesnt mind looking stupid for his movie just for the sake of the role. Sometimes even the movie svck, he's the only one really worth watching.  
Thats why Im excited for Gantz and Norwegian Wood and the latest on the lists where he will raise a little girl.
Im so into MatsuKen , not a fangirl but more of a fan.  

Cant wait for my bangles to arrive as well as my A-Nation official goods.
Im totally broke this month bcoz of Tohoshinki and JJY.lol~



Viva Espana!!!! <333

Its really Netherlands vs Spain in the World Cup Final!!!
IM so proud of Spain, ofcourse I was disappointed at the start but they really peaked.
I was clutching on straws  after Puyol scored.
This Pedro dude couldnt catch up w/ David Villa most of the time thats why Villa was having a hard time upfront.
Then he's also losing the balls, I wonder if its bcoz he's short? But its not a problem w/ somebody like Messi.
Then he fvcked up when he was partnered w/ Nando during the 2nd half~

Well whatever, I think Nando and Villa will work better against Netherlands bcoz they're bunch of hooligans.rofl~
nah...they need a physical player upfront since Netherlands player are really rough against Uruguay.
I dont like to see those prats manhandling my bb's.

Ofcourse Im keeping my faith w/ Spain like all the way.
Crossing my fingers for them.
My friend in Barcelona will go bonkers if ever they'll win. He wouldnt sleep for a week bcoz of the celebration there.XDDDD~

Junsu in Singapore~

I srsly svck at writing fanaccount so I wouldnt try at all. I feel like writing a decent one but still... It'll be too long.lol!
I saw Junsu during his arrival, Zuno's showcase perf and his departure from Swissotel The Stamford. He left one day ahead of his scheduled flight. I guess he couldnt take the humidity of SGP anymore.lol!  Well we thought he'd just have his dinner when he went out but he actually went straight into the airport. I ran to Swissotel right after the showcase and Im glad I saw him before he left. 

Actually I was worried when I heard Junsu went back to Korea bcoz something happened there. I guess these boys will going to be the death of me.I wonder if its SME related again?    

I dont really feel like writing too much about Junho.
I think he's good/fine, but maybe when gods showered the twins of natural talent Junsu took too much of it for himself.lol~
Junho sound pitchy couple of times. I think he's definitely goodlooking. Actually he's better looking than Junsu(also much taller) but Junsu has something more in him than his looks. You need to meet the guy to actually know and understand the aura/charisma/hotness he emits in person.

I promised to behave, I learned it  as a Kimi fan but I threw everything in the air unintentionally w/ Junsu.*sigh*
His rendition of Greatest Love of All was PERFECT~ nope Im not simply saying this as bias. He really did perform it in a perfect manner.
This guy has one of the MOST AMAZING voice and vocals skills that I ever heard PERIOD!!!
He sound 3x better live than how good he already is.
I was trying to get hold of myself. I felt like crying bcoz it was friggin surreal that Im listening and watching him. 
How can he sound so good in live that it was almost unbelievable?
I wonder how TVXQ sound  live,how Jae sounds live?Yoochun?Minnie?Yunho?
Just listening to Junsu made me feel why I've been going through so much heartbreak but it was all worth it.

I was kinda disappointed when I didnt see much of red lightstick waving during Junsu's perf. Some even had yellows and greens.rofl!
I focused on his duckbutt at one point when he turned his back to the audience calling his bro. from backstage during his onstage interview.
yeah, Im a perv now.lol!
He looked so worn out .He didnt have much make-up that its easy to see how tired his eyes were.
The girls who presented the gifts and flowers to Junsu onstage were so lucky.
I srsly got bored althroughout till the end  after the segment of Junsu's appearance.

Junho's lady dancer partner during his perf was HOT!! lol!~ Who was that?! Sometimes IDK if I have a lesbian blood on me.

The video clip of Junsu w/ his mother and bro having fun was really cute. his mother was singing 'Mirotic'.
I felt sad when Junsu was singing it esp. the end ~"I got you...ooohhhh under my skin"
He sang it not facing the camera w/c  was kinda odd. He looked as if in pain? Why hide his face?
Ofcourse fans were screaming  but I kept repeating my fancam watching it and it was sad. It gave me the impression that he couldnt face the fans singing that song at this point? Bcoz he wasnt w/ his members, bcoz it gave me the feeling that he thought it might not be appropriate?

Some pics~

the HOT chick on Junho's right side.XDD~ 



My fancam~ its crappy, IDK what happened to my camera.I forgot to set anything.
Junsu just suddenly came out so I just pushed the button anyhow...lol!

Arrival [April 29]~  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HGw50fgusr8

I forgot to turn on my camera when I was chasing beside him going into his car so I only recorded this part.XD~~
When you're beside Junsu, you'll probably forget everything.^_^ rofl!
Departure from Swissotel [May 1~9PM] ~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sRpJID7ebME




aahhh..I missed SunaNare, I'll find some YT links before the DL.

OMG sun!!!(Junsu's qoute~XDD) This guy was  so friggin HAWT in person.
For the life of me, if there wasnt any glass panel I might have thrown myself on him.rofl!!
Their flight arrival was delayed by 20 mins but they came out after like an hour after their plane landed anyway.
Fans were so funny and chaotic.lol!

Somebody from the staff was dressed that made him exactly looked like Junho and fans bought it.
I never cared much about Junho so I was sooo disappointed when I didnt see Junsu only after another 15 minutes....
there he was, I could see his body outline even from afar~
 I was like 'Who's that'?!!! *Junsuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!! *
I thought I wasnt capable of screaming but I did.XD~ 
So the 1st Junho who came out w/ the dancers was fake!! It was a decoy.
Junho was basically w/ his twin bro. Junsu and they came out together after all the belts had been cleared of the passengers.
lol~ Junsu looked short beside Junho.XDD~

My fancam, not stable since I almost smack myself on the glass panel.
The girls behind me were pushing me forward when I didnt have anywhere to go anymore. duh!