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aahhh..I missed SunaNare, I'll find some YT links before the DL.

OMG sun!!!(Junsu's qoute~XDD) This guy was  so friggin HAWT in person.
For the life of me, if there wasnt any glass panel I might have thrown myself on him.rofl!!
Their flight arrival was delayed by 20 mins but they came out after like an hour after their plane landed anyway.
Fans were so funny and chaotic.lol!

Somebody from the staff was dressed that made him exactly looked like Junho and fans bought it.
I never cared much about Junho so I was sooo disappointed when I didnt see Junsu only after another 15 minutes....
there he was, I could see his body outline even from afar~
 I was like 'Who's that'?!!! *Junsuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!! *
I thought I wasnt capable of screaming but I did.XD~ 
So the 1st Junho who came out w/ the dancers was fake!! It was a decoy.
Junho was basically w/ his twin bro. Junsu and they came out together after all the belts had been cleared of the passengers.
lol~ Junsu looked short beside Junho.XDD~

My fancam, not stable since I almost smack myself on the glass panel.
The girls behind me were pushing me forward when I didnt have anywhere to go anymore. duh!

Tags: changi airport, junsu, video
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