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Junsu in Singapore~

I srsly svck at writing fanaccount so I wouldnt try at all. I feel like writing a decent one but still... It'll be too long.lol!
I saw Junsu during his arrival, Zuno's showcase perf and his departure from Swissotel The Stamford. He left one day ahead of his scheduled flight. I guess he couldnt take the humidity of SGP anymore.lol!  Well we thought he'd just have his dinner when he went out but he actually went straight into the airport. I ran to Swissotel right after the showcase and Im glad I saw him before he left. 

Actually I was worried when I heard Junsu went back to Korea bcoz something happened there. I guess these boys will going to be the death of me.I wonder if its SME related again?    

I dont really feel like writing too much about Junho.
I think he's good/fine, but maybe when gods showered the twins of natural talent Junsu took too much of it for himself.lol~
Junho sound pitchy couple of times. I think he's definitely goodlooking. Actually he's better looking than Junsu(also much taller) but Junsu has something more in him than his looks. You need to meet the guy to actually know and understand the aura/charisma/hotness he emits in person.

I promised to behave, I learned it  as a Kimi fan but I threw everything in the air unintentionally w/ Junsu.*sigh*
His rendition of Greatest Love of All was PERFECT~ nope Im not simply saying this as bias. He really did perform it in a perfect manner.
This guy has one of the MOST AMAZING voice and vocals skills that I ever heard PERIOD!!!
He sound 3x better live than how good he already is.
I was trying to get hold of myself. I felt like crying bcoz it was friggin surreal that Im listening and watching him. 
How can he sound so good in live that it was almost unbelievable?
I wonder how TVXQ sound  live,how Jae sounds live?Yoochun?Minnie?Yunho?
Just listening to Junsu made me feel why I've been going through so much heartbreak but it was all worth it.

I was kinda disappointed when I didnt see much of red lightstick waving during Junsu's perf. Some even had yellows and greens.rofl!
I focused on his duckbutt at one point when he turned his back to the audience calling his bro. from backstage during his onstage interview.
yeah, Im a perv now.lol!
He looked so worn out .He didnt have much make-up that its easy to see how tired his eyes were.
The girls who presented the gifts and flowers to Junsu onstage were so lucky.
I srsly got bored althroughout till the end  after the segment of Junsu's appearance.

Junho's lady dancer partner during his perf was HOT!! lol!~ Who was that?! Sometimes IDK if I have a lesbian blood on me.

The video clip of Junsu w/ his mother and bro having fun was really cute. his mother was singing 'Mirotic'.
I felt sad when Junsu was singing it esp. the end ~"I got you...ooohhhh under my skin"
He sang it not facing the camera w/c  was kinda odd. He looked as if in pain? Why hide his face?
Ofcourse fans were screaming  but I kept repeating my fancam watching it and it was sad. It gave me the impression that he couldnt face the fans singing that song at this point? Bcoz he wasnt w/ his members, bcoz it gave me the feeling that he thought it might not be appropriate?

Some pics~

the HOT chick on Junho's right side.XDD~ 



My fancam~ its crappy, IDK what happened to my camera.I forgot to set anything.
Junsu just suddenly came out so I just pushed the button anyhow...lol!

Arrival [April 29]~  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HGw50fgusr8

I forgot to turn on my camera when I was chasing beside him going into his car so I only recorded this part.XD~~
When you're beside Junsu, you'll probably forget everything.^_^ rofl!
Departure from Swissotel [May 1~9PM] ~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sRpJID7ebME


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