Yaone (tiffa666) wrote,


Viva Espana!!!! <333

Its really Netherlands vs Spain in the World Cup Final!!!
IM so proud of Spain, ofcourse I was disappointed at the start but they really peaked.
I was clutching on straws  after Puyol scored.
This Pedro dude couldnt catch up w/ David Villa most of the time thats why Villa was having a hard time upfront.
Then he's also losing the balls, I wonder if its bcoz he's short? But its not a problem w/ somebody like Messi.
Then he fvcked up when he was partnered w/ Nando during the 2nd half~

Well whatever, I think Nando and Villa will work better against Netherlands bcoz they're bunch of hooligans.rofl~
nah...they need a physical player upfront since Netherlands player are really rough against Uruguay.
I dont like to see those prats manhandling my bb's.

Ofcourse Im keeping my faith w/ Spain like all the way.
Crossing my fingers for them.
My friend in Barcelona will go bonkers if ever they'll win. He wouldnt sleep for a week bcoz of the celebration there.XDDDD~
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