Yaone (tiffa666) wrote,

MatsuKen + JJY

I just finished watching Kaiji (they said Death Note casts being reunited).Tatsuya Fujiwara's acting  was OTT ~ srsly his acting here svck big time! Its like robotic and controlled or whatever. meh..... I watch this bcoz of Matsuyama Ken'ichi. I couldnt believe they just killed him off like that as in WTF?! He was class apart acting wise despite his small supporting role. When he isnt anyway.XP~
I probably watched all his movies and drama since after Death Note and he's amazing IMO~
Very versatile and talented actor at his age. He could simply nail any character. He also doesnt mind looking stupid for his movie just for the sake of the role. Sometimes even the movie svck, he's the only one really worth watching.  
Thats why Im excited for Gantz and Norwegian Wood and the latest on the lists where he will raise a little girl.
Im so into MatsuKen , not a fangirl but more of a fan.  

Cant wait for my bangles to arrive as well as my A-Nation official goods.
Im totally broke this month bcoz of Tohoshinki and JJY.lol~


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