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JYJ showcase in Singapore

Im not particularly confident in writing a Fanaccount bcoz I say the wrong things/opinions at the wrong time more often than NOT.    

This is a  bit  of a JaeSu biased fanaccount and I just realised  during the showcase that its a  tough thing equally loving both so much more than the others. I remember Chunnie ofcourse  but my eyes were darting back and forth towards JaeSu the whole time.        

Airport Arrival:
The 1st time I laid my eyes on Jaejoong upclose. I knew I had limited time so I decided to focus on Jae bcoz I already saw Junsu last time. What can I say? He's one of the most beautiful creature that ever graced planet earth if not the most~ but this is the biased me talking.One thing for sure though is he's really goodlooking and fair~  very nice skin. Jae didnt give me the impression that he's sexy/HOT...In my eyes he's ethereal and cool. He looks like an angel on earth.

-- Camera wasnt allowed, guess some fans managed  their way to get some fancams/pics/audios. I didnt dare bcoz security kept going to and from beside me. Gate should be opened around 6:30PM but for some reason it opened 8+ and showcase started 9+.

--My seating was at Block A4, Row 6,  Seat 15 ~ (just behind the 4 rows of VIP's) . I could see JYJ clearly w/c probably made me focused on the showcase more than try  to steal some pics if the security wasnt looking.

-- The moment they appeared on stage, my eyes tried to find Jae but ended up w/ Junsu. You could blame it to their outfit.lol~ I already read a lot of fans complaining about Su's outfit  but none would really change my opinion otherwise. He looked awesome w/ his white halter top PERIOD!!! He was totally rockin' it w/ his slick grooves and moves plus his well toned arms/biceps and that sexy  butt back. Nobody could pull it out the way Junsu did while pic/videos didnt give him justice. Jae looked like an angel performing onstage ~ I dont understand when some fans said he's sad. I mean yeah(ofcourse!) but during performances? He had the fierce looks while performing Empty , maybe its the sparkle in  his eyes bcoz of the lights. Told 'ya he's glowing but Junsu kept stealing my attention. Chun was slim and pretty~ the trio all looked slim though despite JaeSu's muscles in most of their  pics.  

-- They sang 3 songs at the start ~ Empty , Be the One and Be my Girl wearing that white outfit.  All groovy tracks esp. the dance part of Be the One,its kinda intense. Their vocals werent perfect  but I didnt see them wearing any ear monitor at all. All 3 performances were awesome ~ its just their energy/charisma onstage made up for any imperfections they had.  I was so looking forward to hear Jae live, its ironic  how I didnt care much in the end. I should be ranting but I didnt feel even a bit of disappointment. He had some pitch off at some point, Junsu's voice was  powerful eventhough it was raspier than usual and Chun's voice was fine like the usual Chun. Junsu pwnz dancing wise~ I could see Jae's tattoo at some point. <333 

-- The MC parts~ dont want to elaborate this much about him babbling things onstage while the trio changed for their outfits.

--I already forgot w/c happened 1st ~their interview, the video clip of them in LA during the recording of the album or the video clip of their dreams and goals.

--Going 1st on the interview part:
Chunnie was wearing the batlike top he's wearing on their pics from the album. Jae looked so cool in leather jacket. Junsu should have wear that red top from their Seoul showcase instead of that shirt w/ vest.   

Chunnie spoke english the whole time, I still think he sounds like a drunk Yoshiki although very cute. He probably has the sweetest smile. I actually wonder if Jae and Junsu dint really understand english? Maybe they could but they couldnt speak  or construct a sentence for an answer instantly?  Jae said "Hi, how are you , Im JJ"~ for his greetings.  He's just too cute!!!  The crowd went bonkers!!! I was screaming Jejung at the top of my lungs. Jae didnt want to answer the question much, he's mostly passing it to Junsu thats why some fans including me were screaming Jejung so the MC would ask it on him. The MC even cut Jae  at one point(wtf was w/ that dude~ Jae was still speaking but he turned the question towards Chun). It was funny when the MC asked all the fans from different countries!! Everyone was screaming eventhough it wasnt theirs~ France? Spain?  w/c prompted Jae to yell 'Korea!!!!' then everybody went  screaming. ROFL!!!!  Then the usual questions of working w/ Kanye and Rodney Jerkins etcs... Then the  question about dancing w/c put Junsu on the spot!  He did that sexy bits of Be my Girl hip waves while JaeChun  were singing.^^   Question about their ideal girl ~ guess Jae was tired of answering this question over and over again. Could they change it sometimes? Should have asked whats their favourite track from the album. Any inspirations from their solos and shit!   Then another question of who cry easily. Everyone was pointing at Chun(he's denying it~XD) but I was screaming Jejung(he's the recent crybaby of the trio 'ya know~XDDD).   Then the Ayyy Girl part~ fans singing the chorus for JYJ w/c  failed and the part when JYJ sang w/ the fans w/c also a failure.I really dont think Junsu meant it when he said 'very good' and 'wonderful'~XD  Majority didnt know the lyrics at all. Chunnie came up w/ some  cheeky  comments. Then the MC asked us about Chun's character in SKKS~ who doesnt know Lee Sun Joon eh? (eventhough  Im inlove w/ Moon Jae Shin <3)

-- Chajatta~ Jae was more energetic this time than Su and Chun.  It was a fun song and fans were singing w/ them at some point. I am actually.^^

--  The video clip of their dreams and goals. I forgot the 1st line but its something about their dreams and they want it to share w/ us. Im just writing  things I remember  and correct me if Im wrong bcoz Im just paraphrasing their words.

Junsu: ......... I forgot his words but I remember the essence of it: he wanted to continue singing, he wanted to continue the road they're taking right now.......

Jae:  He wanted to continue singing w/ the members. He knew he wouldnt be a singer all his life so he started thinking of doing something else ...... (these words hit my heart so I forgot what he said next~XD)

Chun:  I wouldnt write what Chun said, some sensitive butthurts might turn on him again.XDD~

-- Ayyy Girl~ I remember Jae went to our side and I was really tempted to use my camera.  Like he's performing 7 metres away . I dont particularly remember what perf Chunnie unintentionally  exposed his shoulder but I saw it. This sounds really better live~ their vocals and their moves were awesome.

-- Then their last words.....  Thanking the fans and Chun said it was short and they might comeback for a concert next year. He ended it w/ Always Keep the Faith.

-- They asked fans to stand up and its Empty Remix.  The whole  front crowd turned into a moshpit and the security didnt know what to do at all.lol~ I grabbed my things and ran infront of the VIP seats~ its  mayhem already so why not make the most out of it?!  This performance rockz!!! Probably my fave track from the album ~ its simply energetic and the whole vibe of the live was  party party party!!!  It was a  fantastic atmopshere in the end. Junsu was  jumping/bouncing to the music onstage infront of me as well as Chun like 3 metres away. argh! Jae was on the  left side of the stage~  Fans were bouncing w/ the trio w/  lightstick  inhand. There were some fanboys at the VIP~ so lucky!! Its amazing just singing w/ them : "Why cant you let it go, let it go let it go let it go, Girl  bcoz your heart is empty.... " 

**Overall ,Its just simply an awesome showcase. I kinda lost my voice bcoz of screaming  and my arms a bit sore bcoz of lightstick waving, but Im really  happy to finally watched them live.
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