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Plastic Tree Ammonite Live

I wouldnt write anything much for now, I need to pack my things for my flight back to SGP tonight.Its 5 am now .

Day 1(The Wall~ Taipei)
1 .Pura rockz!
2. Ryuutarou is one of the most entrancing/mesmerizing person i've ever seen in my whole damn life! He's BEAUTIFUL!! There's no way this guy is 38 yrs old. He has a small face, he's slim, he has a very nice fair skin~ He looks like 22-23 IMO.XDDD And I did touch the tip of his fingers after their last song on the 2nd encore when they're already saying theirt goodbyes and got closer to the fans infront. It was pandemonium w/ everyone pushing and shoving and basically squeezing each other.  I think a lot of fans on the right/left got handshakes from Akira/Tadashi. Kenken is really small in stature but he's very cute!

3.Melt, Melancholic, Bambi, Duet, Blue Back,Mayday, Setsugekka, Replay <333  

Day 2 (The Wall~ Kaohsiung)
They simply rockz and Ryuutarou's phail when he was treated w/ silence during a part of his MC was sooooooo adorable!! He stole Tadashi's time to talk, so he paid for it.^_^

Srsly, I svck at setlist so I dont think I remember the order of the song except that Fujunbutsu wasnt played on Day 2. Both lives started w/ 13th Friday and Moonlight, then it changed from there.  

well...just for now...Im so tired! I missed the last train to Taipei bcoz I was one of the fan who waited for Pura to board their vans going to their hotel(?) after the live in Kaohsiung. Imagine that esp. that Im alone and didnt know anything at all about the place.lolz!~ Glad and thankful to the young couple who helped me get into Taipei.^^
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