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Ammonite Live in Taiwan

Well, I spent 3 hrs writing a decent fanaccount but it disappeared. My laptop froze, I copied it but when I tried to paste, nothing came out . Whatever.... not going to do it again.

Set List: June 11/Saturday (The Wall Taipei~ basement)
1. Thirteenth Friday
2. Moonlight
3. Melt
4. Fujunbutsu

5. I love you so
6. Setsugekka
7. Aria
8. Harusaki Sentimental
9. taikutsu Machine

12.mirai iro
16.Blue Back

Makka na Ito


**highlighted = my fave performances, you can tell pretty much all of it. Saturday live was the best. Special mention of AngelDust, bcoz this was one of the oldest Pura song. It's not something you'd expect them to play. 

**13th Friday, bcoz it was dreamy/dark w/ all those projector artsy/beautiful images and lights. I was basically entranced/mesmerized adding by the fact that it was the 1st song from Pura I heard live. The 1st song when I 1st saw Tarou....looking ethereal .This song will forever reminds me of that moment.  

Setlist: June 12/Sunday (The Wall Kaohsiung~outdoor)
I dont remember at all~ It kickstarted w/ 13th Friday, followed by Moonlight and pretty much the Ammonite tracklistings w/ the inclusion of Replay and Melancholic.  Melt was played on Encore together w/ Makka na Ito, Spooky, Mayday.

**Highlights were Melancholic under the heavy rain and Tarou's MC during the Encore.

**Blue Back needs more lovin'.  The live version blew me away.   It simply started slow, Tarou's vocals was simply harmonising w/ the instruments, you get that w/ speakers being really close.xD  Then the harmonics kept building up after each pauses, Kenken was simply amazing during this part. Tarou's vocals was fading in and out.....then it kinda exploded w/ Tarou's scream blending w/ the whole thing.  I stood up on a bench beside to see an overview of how the band played this. I was particularly awed by Kenken, it was intense.  ^____^

After Duet, Tarou went backstage. The trio had a jamming while waiting for his comeback.
It wasn't easy to take this pic no matter how crappy this might had been. 

Goods~  Ammonite shirt was sold out, too bad. Should have bought it on the 11th.

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