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Kimi's classic comments

They're for the lulz tbh. To sum it all up Kimi: "I dont care"

Well, he's notorious for this qoutes.XD
Montoya´s success in Nascar - I don´t care.

How do you think these tyre´s will fit in your driving style? - I don´t know and it doesn´t matter. They are what they are.

What advices can you give to first timers, Nico Rosberg and Scott Speed? - I hope they yield well.
How the WDC is gonna change your life? - I have had a lot´s of *** No swearing*** onto me, now i think there´s gonna come even more.

What is Schumi´s Role on Ferrari? - He doesn´t come to tell us (drivers) anything. And i don´t need his advices.

Montoya´s point situation - If he believes in it, he can believe. I don´t care what happens behind me.

Did you see Pele giving trophy to Schumacher? - No I was having a sh1t!

What do you think what´s gonna happen in tomorrows race? - What do you think what´s gonna happen?

(Italian Reporter) Kimi can you say a few words Italy? - No. You can say if you want.

(Finnish tabloid reporter) What have you done on your holiday in Finland? - I think you can read it from your yesterdays magazine.

(Tag Heuers boss in Promotion ceremony) Kimi, what makes Tag Heuer so unique? - It´s ok.
**Srsly?! Kimi svckz PR wise.lmao!

What kind of place is the 5. grid to start a race? - It´s 5. grid.

What do you think how is the atmosphere in McLaren now? (In middle of a spygate) - I think its *** No swearing *** good.

Austria GP 2002: I haven´t watch it afterwards. I dont care what Ferrari did.
France GP 2002: *** No swearing*** race.
Hungary 2007: Boring

Montoya´s tennis accident: We dont call each others and i dont care what he does.

Weather conditions: I don´t care does it rain or not.

Alonso trying to play mind games with him in 2005: I could not care less what that guy thinks.

Season preview 2006: I don´t care what´s gonna happen. We´ll see.

On Ron Dennis: He is a control freak. He want´s to know everything from everything. I don´t care for his doing.

Finnish independence party: Someone else can dance with her. (Jenni)

Ferrari party: These Ferrari´s own party are the nicest. I don´t know exatly what i´m gonna do there. Maybe i am Santa Claus.

- The constructions title doesn´t mean quite much to me.
- I don´t care what Jackie says. It has nothing to do with me.
- Coulthard can speak what he want´s. I don´t care about his speeches.
- I really don´t care what Trulli says.
- Montoya´s speeches doesn´t have anything to do about me.
- Driving is the only thing that I love in F1.
- My life would have been so much easier with the guys in the 70´s. I was born in the wrong era.
- F1 circuit without reporters is a paradise.
- Others can sit in the simulators if they want. I´m here to drive.
- I don´t care what people thinks about me. I´m not Michael Schumacher.

**Its not that you could really blame him. The questions were stupid sometimes. The Tag Heuer comment was really FTW! That comment was long time ago anyway, he's changed recently.He loves the watch and he has some series collection from F1Kirium series to Monza and Monaco classic.<333

I really cracked up when he told the reporter that they could read the answer on their very own magazine. yeah~ he's right! Why still asked?XDDD
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