ah..they had grown so much

Happy 5th Anniversary Tohoshinki~it had ben 5 yrs. since their Jap. debut.
We'll be waiting..... AKTF

My boys looked good on their individual projects~

 Yuchun's BeeTV drama~ They looked so cute esp. Chunface.<333
Junsu is going to sing the song of this BeeTV drama again?
Like he already has Kanashimi ni Yukue
I mean im not complaining but why not Chunnie himself or say Jae?lol!
I just miss any new song for Jae thats all.
Junsu will be having Intoxication,KnY and this Beautiful Love.
Soulmates = none!

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Angel's voices~ JaeSu

My BigEast FC card finally arrived today~ yay!!!
Edited my name out as well as my ID number

Srsly, Im so tired today but this compilation made my day.
They really do compliment each other so well.
JaeSu's voices from heaven.XD~

My ticket card/membership for Zuno's showcase this Sat.
Im so excited to hear Junsu live~<333
I already prepared my TVXQ lightstick(official I guess like those from the Cassies) ~
for Junsu's perf ~Always Keep the Faith ~^_^




My mind couldnt handle anything anymore....

I dont like to listen to all the shit anymore.....

I just remember Jack Nicholson's line from A few Good Men 'You cant handle the truth'

The majority is hurting, everything is too complicated but maybe someone just need to put all this thing into rest.

This is the reason why its hard to trust  anybody in  ent. celebrities/etcs... they lie....they always lie......

Srsly, I dont have any opinion anymore, its tiring....

New Kit

Its not really much, but that's the only thing left for us right now anyway.
Im so glad we're through to the semis of Europa League.
Great job guys~
Nando was really a class act~<3
We're going to meet his former club Atletico Madrid ~I know this is one of the thing he anticipated the most.

New kit~lol!
Looks vintage to me like the Kenny Dalglish years w/ Crown Paint.XP
Stevie looks really good though.^___^


aahhh..Jaejae, have you mistaken Pi as Kim Hyun Joong?XP~
Hyun Joong(SS501) looks a bit like YamaPi actually.lol!

I knew its going to happen still Im surprised.
Jaejoong has always been a social butterfly, a contrast from his looks(he looks cold and snobbish).
I know that Pi's sister and mother are Tohoshinki fans.
I read the blog when they watched a Tohoshinki TSC tour  in Saitama w/ him.

I love Pi and I like Junpei

Im just happy to know that Jaejae had gone out w/ both guys.
Dont know when but Junpei revealed it in Hanamaru Cafe.
They talked about the Japanese and Korean Entertainment
So cute~
Pi and Jejung <3
Jae has been drinking quite a lot these days though.

One day it'll be my double J~ maybe it'll happen maybe  not.


Omedettou leader-shi<3

Congratulations to Yunho-shi~
the one and only Asian act invited for the '"Micheal Jackson This is it Tribute Concert"
Way to go~ Very PROUD of you.<333
He performed Beat it,Smooth Criminal and Thriller

FIGHTING!!! Always Keep the FAITH
Goodluck on today's performances.^_^


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So, tiffa666, your LiveJournal reveals...

You are... 1% unique, 15% peculiar, 49% interesting, 26% normal and 8% herdlike (partly because you, like everyone else, enjoy tool). When it comes to friends you are normal. In terms of the way you relate to people, you are keen to please. Your writing style (based on a recent public entry) is intellectual.

Your overall weirdness is: 24

(The average level of weirdness is: 29.
You are weirder than 53% of other LJers.)

Find out what your weirdness level is!

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Until Next time Kimi................

Its hard to put everything that Im feeling right now into words.
I just like to keep it inside of me for now~ it feels like its the last thing I have from Kimi at the moment.

Im cool~ I already cried yesterday,couldnt help it.
But this is Kimi~ whatever heartbreak I get being a Kimi fan, its also the same reason I can pick myself back. He had been great/awesome all through these years.
I know everything will be fine.There's more to Kimi than racing in F1~
He's been strong all this time despite everything~ all the crap that had been thrown at him by the media.Just watching Kimi get on w/ everything made me really stronger than I thought I am.He's the guy I learned to look up everytime I need to move forward

I could have done much better last time in Singapore had I known I might not see you again in person.


Kimi out of F1..........

i really dont know what to say
im lost for words
i feel numb
i need to take it all in first
things im sure of
i'll feel hurt later
i'll feel bad
.................and more

im not yet ready eventhough i told myself some months ago
im not yet ready even i decided to move on

what will I do now?!
I dont even know what i am typing right now......
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